Industry-scale Platforms

When a standard or a certification applies to thousands of supply chain sites, Sourcemap provides the globalized platform for all-in-one registration, data collection, verification, benchmarking and reports.

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Error-proof data collection templates, built-in auditor accounts, mobile apps for on-site verification, and powerful data-sharing interfaces for B2B and B2C applications - all with a real-time API for direct downloads of raw data.

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Business Process Automation 

Share the entry fee through built-in paywalls, support for open or invite-only access, batch user management, multiple user access roles, register as colleagues, consultants and auditors with access to a specific facility, a parent company, or any combination. 

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Built for Transparency 

Sourcemap was engineered from day one to serve as a platform for data sharing, and it features the most sophisticated private, semi-private and public-facing reporting to meet the trust-building ambitions of any industry.

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