Enterprise Integration Specialist

About us:

Sourcemap is a NYC-based mission-driven company that builds technology to help companies trace products to their source; evaluating the social, financial, and environmental risks along the way. We are the leading developer of supply chain mapping, traceability, and transparency solutions for organizations that are determined to be supply chain sustainability and productivity leaders. Clients include leading global brands, manufacturers, and suppliers across sectors including food, fashion and electronics.

Our values:

  • Tell it like it is: We are respectful, but forthright.

  • Proactive: We all show initiative in solving the problems we know about, and the ones we don't.

  • Happy people: We enjoy working with our team and our clients. We are making the world a better place.

  • Personal growth: We are constantly exploring new ways to grow as individuals.

  • Customers are our North Star: We don't stop until each customer is over-the-moon.

  • Innovation: We all contribute ideas and invent new solutions.

  • No one is above grunt work: We all get our hands dirty.

Sourcemap seeks an Enterprise Integration Specialist. In this role, you will steward and execute internal processes to drive, deliver, and scale enterprise integrations; working cross-functionally across all of Sourcemap’s teams, including Accounts, Product, Technology, and Sales. We all work out of Sourcemap’s HQ in Lower Manhattan.

What you will do:

  • Support project plan execution, including scheduling, on-boarding, QA, and pilot testing, ensuring the product meets defined specifications and product delivery is polished and cohesive

  • Oversee internal resource allocation, including organization, planning, and time management using internal project management tools such as Asana

  • Implement business processes for managing cross-functional collaboration using Excel, Asana, and other best-in-class programs

  • Organize and run regular team scrums to ensure all teams are aligned

Who you are:

  • Tactical project manager, with the ability to delegate, track, and execute a large-scale project in an efficient and timely manner

  • Great communicator, with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to interface with technical and non-technical stakeholders at varying levels of seniority

  • Passionate about building tools to solve the world’s problems

  • Meticulous and extremely organized, with high attention to detail

  • Fast, and always looking for ways to 

  • A doer not just a director. References will tell us you have a “get it done” attitude

  • Thrive in an open office environment where meetings and ideas occur spontaneously

  • Experience partnering with Product or Technical teams for software development is a plus

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to jobs@sourcemap.com