About us

Sourcemap is a NYC-based mission-driven company that builds technology to help companies trace products to their source; evaluating the social, financial, and environmental risks along the way. We are the leading developer of supply chain mapping, traceability, and transparency solutions for organizations that are determined to be supply chain sustainability and productivity leaders. Clients include leading global brands, manufacturers, and suppliers across sectors including food, fashion and electronics.

Our values:

  • Tell it like it is: We are respectful, but forthright.

  • Proactive: We all show initiative in solving the problems we know about, and the ones we don't.

  • Happy people: We enjoy working with our team and our clients. We are making the world a better place.

  • Personal growth: We are constantly exploring new ways to grow as individuals.

  • Customers are our North Star: We don't stop until each customer is over-the-moon.

  • Innovation: We all contribute ideas and invent new solutions.

  • No one is above grunt work: We all get our hands dirty.

Sales Program Manager


  • Assist Sourcemap in growth at a time of very high demand

  • Sell short sales cycle, simpler offerings that can be scoped & closed in a transactional manner (viz, discover and future productized offerings)

  • Supports RFPs and high-value deals (platforms, enterprise implementations initiated By Adam/Leo

    • Customizing written proposals

    • Elevating pitch materials

  • Supports up-sell & annual review opportunities initiated by Adrienne

  • Qualifies inbound leads & manages communications cadence

    • Monitor inbounds

    • Add to Salesforce

    • Qualify based on size, region, role of person reaching out

    • Send response from best template w/i 24 hours

    • Conduct initial factfinding / qualifying calls and qualify leads according to Sourcemap criteria

    • Brief Adam/Leo for demos to qualified leads: likely use case, hot button issues, background

    • Gather requirements and key stats to construct proposal

    • Write & follow-up on proposals

  • Conducts prospect research in key industries

    • Finding names, emails & phone numbers for HVTs

    • Researching needs of company/target

    • Crafting outline of the value proposition

    • Creative approaches to line up meetings

  • Light marketing/admin functions: newsletter, social media content, complex meeting & travel coordination

Applicant Profile

  • Already established in NYC area

  • Experience: 1-2 yrs in structured sales training program, customer service, account management at leading service-oriented firm.

  • Has experience in sales and marketing, project management, research

  • Educational background:

    • Option 1: Technical major with excellent written communication skills & visual abilities (presentations, graphics, reports)

    • Option 2: Comms/Marketing major with demonstrated technical ability in sustainability, supply chain, grant/proposal writing

NodeJS Developer

We are looking for a Node.JS developer for work with our new MEAN stack application. Enterprise software, supply chain, development and/or sustainability experience are nice to have. Passion for our mission is a must-have.

We all work of Sourcemap HQ in Lower Manhattan. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to jobs@sourcemap.com