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The world's largest supply chain mapping database is available to anyone to use as a consumer or as a brand. 

  • Browse thousands of beautiful supply chain maps and create your own

  • Brand channels make it possible to provide your customers with a customized experience of the entire supply chain story.

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Need a snapshot of your entire supply chain that you can generate in seconds? Sourcemap Visualize lets you:

  • Upload a spreadsheet to automatically visualize your supply chain geographically and as a network

  • Add custom search terms and filters to let anyone in your organization search for anything in the supply chain and download the results

  • Compare supply chain performance at a glance with overlaid metrics

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You can only mitigate the risks that you know about: that's why sub-supplier mapping is essential to your business. Sourcemap Discover lets you:

  • Automatically dispatch cascading sub-supplier mapping surveys to hundreds of suppliers at once

  • Collect any crucial information for purchasing, sustainability, compliance and risk

  • Visualize the results in a gorgeous interactive visualization

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When you need to verify that the supply chain you've mapped is accurate, the gold standard is traceability: the only way to provide continuous assurance of total chain of custody. With Sourcemap Track and Trace you can:

  • Trace raw materials from every farm, factory and mine through any number of steps in the supply chain

  • Automatically verify against site capacity to ensure accurate production numbers

  • Provide customers assurance you are sourcing deforestation-free, conflict-free, risk free raw materials

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Gaining insights from big data is crucial when you are mapping multiple risk factors across complex global supply chains. That's where Sourcemap Analytics excels:

  • Incorporate real-time data feeds from internal systems (ERP, DRP, PLM) and third-party providers (risk heat maps, market intelligence and alerts)

  • Support custom workflows for internal and external data collection, analysis and reporting

  • Monitor key performance indicators specific to your company using customized dashboards to monitor any triple-bottom-line risk over time - financial, social, and environmental

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