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The most powerful supply chain GeoVisualization Ever Created

Sourcemap has the only geo-visualizations designed specifically to make sense of global supply networks. Map up to 2,000 supply chain nodes and links in each dataset and instantly discover your geographic exposure, redundancies and bottlenecks. Works in any operating system, any browser.

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Identify cause-and-effect using our exclusive network visualization

Do you need to find out how a disruption in Tier-3 impacts your bottom line? Introducing a totally new way to understand causality across supply chains: Sourcemap proprietary network visualization. It works across any number of tiers.

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Overlay Any KPI's On Any Supply Chain

Need to identify the largest inventory concentration? Searching for the highest risk supplier? Visualize any performance metrics across the supply chain: inventory, lead times, supplier ratings, etc. You decide which metrics to include and how they're visualized.

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Pay Monthly


What you get:

  • One read/write user account
  • Unlimited Visualizations
  • Secure online visualization repository
  • Online tutorial
  • Email support

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Pay Annually


What you get:

  • One read/write and two read-only user accounts
  • Unlimited Visualizations
  • Secure online visualization repository
  • Live tutorial webinar
  • Telephone and Email support

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Sourcemap VIZ is a cloud-based software that allows registered users to upload specially-formatted spreadsheets to generate interactive supply chain visualizations. Users may subscribe to Sourcemap VIZ monthly or annually. Each Sourcemap VIZ subscription consists of an Account: a logically separate online database accessible only to registered users via unique username and password combination. Two types of users exist: Administrators, who have read/write privileges, and Viewers, who only have read privileges. Administrators may upload as many spreadsheets as they choose. Administrators and Viewers may download the data contained in a visualization at any time in .xls and .kml format. All uploaded data is the property of the Account Administrator. Users may not share account login or password information. Users may not use the platform in violation of any laws or contracts. Users may not subscribe for the purpose of reverse-engineering the software. For more information contact info@sourcemap.com.